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When Should I Take GOD’S SPEED®?

Take a GOD’S SPEED® serving about 20-60 minutes before you need a lift (the exact timing depends on multiple factors such as your metabolic rate, when you last ate, the composition of the food you ate, etc.).

How Long Will My GOD’S SPEED® Energy Boost Last?

Normally, a GOD’S SPEED® Energy Boost will last for approximately 5-6 hours.

Is GOD’S SPEED® Right for Me?

If you are a healthy adult who tolerates caffeine well and you are not pregnant, one dose of GOD’S SPEED® should provide you with effects similar to those that you’d experience if you drank a strong cup of coffee. Remember, do not take GOD’S SPEED® products if you are sensitive to caffeine, pregnant, or under 18 years of age. If you are taking medication and/or have a medical condition, consult your doctor before use.

Which GOD’S SPEED product should I take?

Take our PURE Caffeine anytime you want to experience an energy boost similar to one that you’d get from drinking a strong cup of coffee. GOD’S SPEED® users might take a dose…

  • before a work out
  • to prep for a meeting
  • before and during long distance runs
  • to get over a 3 PM slump

If you want a caffeine boost on repeated days - during finals or tax time - take ALPHA Caffeine™. This caffeine-tyrosine blend is designed to give you a boost and help replenish some of the brain neurotransmitter systems that are stimulated by caffeine by providing them with the amino acid precursor that they require for normal function.

When you want alertness along with the focusing effects of L-Theanine, the amino acid found in green and oolong teas, and an energy boost, try CALM Caffeine™.

What is Caffeine?

Caffeine is a crystalline compound naturally occurring in the leaves, seeds, and fruits of at least 60 plants, most notably tea, coffee, and cacao. In addition to protecting these plants from predators, caffeine enhances the memory of bees, the plants’ pollinators, by acting as a stimulant ‘reward’. Similarly, caffeine has been found to enhance memory performance in humans and to provide a rewarding ‘boost’ of energy.

What is the difference between synthetic and extracted caffeine?

As you would expect, ‘synthetic caffeine’ is synthesized in a factory. Most of the caffeine powder found in energy products, soft drinks, and foods consumed in the United States is synthesized in factories in China and India. Extracted caffeine originates in the seeds, leaves, and fruits of various plants, most notably coffee and tea plants. Our caffeine is sourced in Germany.

GOD’S SPEED® caffeine is extracted directly from coffee beans.

What constitutes a ‘serving’ of GOD’S SPEED®?

  • One capsule of PURE Caffeine constitutes a serving.
  • One capsule of CALM Caffeine ™ constitutes a serving.
  • Two capsules of ALPHA Caffeine ™ constitute a serving.

There are 200 mg of caffeine in each GOD’S SPEED® serving.

Why is serving important?

Caffeine is still a powerful stimulant. The vast majority of Americans (80%-90% or more) are dependent upon caffeine, and yet do not know their ‘normal daily serving’. Knowing how many cups of coffee you drink isn’t a good metric for determining your dose because the caffeine content of coffee is highly variable.

The caffeine content in energy shots and drinks, as well as over-the-counter caffeine products can also be highly variable even when a dose is clearly noted on the label. An accurately dosed energy supplement can provide a greater degree of predictability in the effects you’re likely to experience. Athletes who use caffeine to boost performance find accurately measured supplements to be especially useful.