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5 Tips to Boost Your Energy

1. Drink Water. Our bodies are about 65% water. Adequate hydration is necessary for every physiological process in our body, including flushing toxins out of our system long before they can cause energy-expensive, health-damaging problems. How much water is enough? The Institute of Medicine recommends letting your thirst be your guide, but your general fluid [...]

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ALPHA Caffeine™

Most caffeine consumers are well aware that caffeine, in addition to staving off sleepiness, stimulates the motivational centers of our brain. What they may not know is that this increased motivation is the result of caffeine’s effects on the brain neurotransmitter, dopamine. Caffeine increases the level of activity in dopamine neurons in the brain. One of [...]

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CALM Caffeine™

Have you ever wondered why drinking tea, in addition to providing a mild boost in energy, seems to produce a relaxing effect as well? That’s because, in addition to containing caffeine, black oolong and green teas also contain the amino acid L-Theanine. Subjects who have taken L-Theanine in amounts comparable to those found in a [...]

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How much caffeine are you taking? Why you probably don’t know.

According to the National Coffee Association, about 83% of people who take caffeine are doing so in the form of coffee. It seems reasonable to think that by drinking exactly the same amount of coffee in the same mug each day, you’ll get the same serving of caffeine. But that’s not at all the case. [...]

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GOD’S SPEED Is Clean Caffeine

Have you ever gone to a convenience store and seen the huge array of ‘energy’ products on display? There are a staggering number of pills, capsules, energy drinks, and shots. Many of them are loaded with unnecessary ingredients: synthetic dyes, fillers, surfactants, and excipients – things that make it easier to process and/or package the [...]

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Caffeine from the Bean. Extracted vs. Synthetic Caffeine

Did you know that a huge percentage of the caffeine that we consume in the United States – the caffeine found in energy supplements, shots, pills, capsules, drinks, sodas, and even food – is synthetic, created from chemicals in a laboratory or factory? What’s more, the synthetic caffeine industry was off-shored more than 30 years [...]

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