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Why ‘Purity’ Matters

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Keeping impurities out of our bodies is as important as taking good nutrition into them. It’s so important, in fact, that the part of our brain our that plans and executes behavior and gives rise to our ‘mind’ is foundationally organized to make behavioral decisions on the basis of where we’re likely to find the ‘good stuff’ – healthy fresh food, water, air, and friendly folks – and avoid the ‘bad stuff’ – spoiled food, waste matter, polluted waters, and toxic people. This life-enhancing tendency to seek out pure and healthful things and avoid poisonous and toxic things is found in our oldest evolutionary ancestors…

Let’s look a very simple organism in our family tree – a single-cell bacterium. This microscopic creature has a very simple intelligence system: a ‘central nervous system’ that’s no more than a large protein molecule that has the capacity to record and retain information for a four- second period and make simple comparisons; and a peripheral nervous system that’s composed of a simple motor component, a ‘flagellum’ (a kind of ‘whip-like’ tail) that it uses to navigate it’s aqueous environment, and a sensory system with two categories of receptors that it uses to detect the ‘quality of life’. Not surprisingly, these sensory receptors are nutrient receptors and toxin receptors.

The bacterium’s strategy for survival is simple, and very much like our own: seek out vital energetic resources we need while avoiding life-damaging toxins. Wherever it’s located in it’s watery world, the bacterium’s two populations of sensory receptors assess its immediate surroundings. The central processing molecule notes how many nutrient receptors are filled and how many of toxin receptors are filled. Then the bacterium moves a short distance and takes another set of receptor readings. Next, it compares the ratio of nutrients-to-toxins from Location #1 with the ratio of nutrients-to-toxins Location #2. Finally, it makes the vital determination: As a result of my last behavioral choice, has life gotten better or worse? If it’s gotten better – more nutrients and/or fewer toxins – it stays put or moves again in the same direction; if it’s gotten worse, it retreats.

We humans are far more complex than bacteria, but our health and happiness are based on the same basic factors: What’s the relative balance in our body and life between good, nutritious, healthful things and bad, toxic, harmful things?

If – like more than 80% of adults – you consume caffeine to get an energy boost, it’s important to know what toxins are tagging along for the ride. If you’re a coffee or tea drinker, It might surprise you to know that, unless you’re specifically seeking out organic varieties, you’re consuming added toxic pesticides with every sip. If, on the other hand, you’re taking caffeine in energy pills or capsules, you’re probably consuming a dose of dyes, fillers, and excipients. And if you’re taking caffeine in the form of energy shots or drinks, you’re likely to be consuming multiple extraneous ingredients (some of these sound nutritive, but may be derived from questionable sources); you might also be consuming multiple stimulants – which have unknown synergistic effects – in unknown amounts because they’ve been hidden in a secretive ‘proprietary blend’. Many drinks and shots are also heavily laden with unhealthful sugar and lots of empty calories. The ‘essence of energy’ in almost all of these products is the caffeine, and that’s the molecule we’re seeking; most of the rest of the inclusions are unnecessary, and some of it is simply waste that body will have to process and try to excrete.

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