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GOD’S SPEED Is Clean Caffeine

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Have you ever gone to a convenience store and seen the huge array of ‘energy’ products on display? There are a staggering number of pills, capsules, energy drinks, and shots. Many of them are loaded with unnecessary ingredients:

  • synthetic dyes, fillers, surfactants, and excipients – things that make it easier to process and/or package the product but don’t add to the efficacy of the energy effect and have to be processed by the body as waste. 
  • vitamins and herbal supplements from unknown and often questionable sources.
  • mystery ‘proprietary blends’ with additional herbal stimulants that are notoriously variable in dose and, in combination with caffeine, can result in potentially dangerous effects.

The critical energy-boosting ingredient in all of these products is the same: Caffeine.

Most caffeine supplements use excipients such as ‘microcrystalline cellulose’. But as harmless as this might sound, it’s wood shavings that your body will have to process. Better supplements use rice powder as a filling aid. Rice is probably a better choice than wood shavings, but some consumers are committed to grain-free or carb-free diets. We believe that extraneous ingredients, additives such as vitamins from unknown sources, and secretive ‘proprietary blends’, have no place in your body and we didn’t want them in our product. GOD’S SPEED® PURE Caffeine has caffeine – and nothing else – in a vegetarian capsule.