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GOD’S SPEED as a Coffee Alternative?

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When introducing people to our GOD’S SPEED products we sometimes get asked, “Why wouldn’t I just drink coffee?” And we love that question.

Millions of people (perhaps you’re one of them) have a morning ritual that involves waking up with a hot cup of coffee. We appreciate that this is one of life’s simple daily pleasures and would never suggest that you should give it up. But many people continue to drink coffee throughout the day, and chances are good that the second, third, and fourth cups aren’t so much about partaking in a pleasant ritual but rather about getting additional energy boosts to make it through an afternoon slump or finish a project on time.

While the caffeine content in coffee can certainly give you another energy boost, it comes with a host of associated costs. Consider the following:

  • Because of coffee’s intrinsically bitter taste, most people add dairy products and sugar to their drink, which adds calories, unhealthful ingredients, and potential allergens to their diet.
  • A cup of coffee can cost anywhere from $1.00 to $3.00 – or more if you order fancier versions.
  • Coffee gives you ‘Coffee Breath’.
  • The acid content in coffee can damage the enamel of your teeth and, for some people, stomach discomfort.
  • Most conventional coffee is grown using pesticides.

More to the point, if it’s an energy boost that you’re seeking, it’s the caffeine you’re looking for. Coffee is just the ‘delivery system’ – and a poor one at that if accuracy matters, because you never really know how much caffeine is being delivered. A recent university study showed that the caffeine content present in a 16-oz cup of one specific blend of coffee obtained on successive days at the same location of a national coffee chain varied widely from one day to the next – sometimes by more than TWICE the amount. This means that by placing the same order, you could get much less caffeine than you were seeking one day, and much more than you were seeking the next.

When we created GOD’S SPEED supplements, we set out to create the most precise, clean, and effective caffeine supplement available. GOD’S SPEED is pure caffeine extracted from non-GMO coffee beans. We encapsulate 200 milligrams (what we and other experts believe to be an ideal dose) of this pure caffeine in a vegetarian capsule, without using any additives, fillers, excipients, flow agents, or dyes. To our knowledge, GOD’S SPEED is the only caffeine supplement that adheres to this rigorous high standard of purity and accuracy.

So enjoy your morning cup of coffee. But when you’re seeking the energy boost of ‘another cup of coffee’, remember that there’s a much better alternative. Pure, accurate, and economical – GOD’S SPEED is the smart caffeine supplement.

Find out which GOD’S SPEED product is right for you. In addition to PURE Caffeine, we offer ALPHA Caffeine for frequent caffeine users and CALM Caffeine for those seeking focused energy without the jitters.


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