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Caffeine from the Bean. Extracted vs. Synthetic Caffeine

Posted by GOD'S SPEED on

Did you know that a huge percentage of the caffeine that we consume in the United States – the caffeine found in energy supplements, shots, pills, capsules, drinks, sodas, and even food – is synthetic, created from chemicals in a laboratory or factory? What’s more, the synthetic caffeine industry was off-shored more than 30 years ago and more than half of the caffeine consumed in the United States is produced in one of four factories, three in China and one in India. Anyone who consumes any manufactured caffeine-based energy products, is most likely ingesting caffeine from one of these factories.

GOD’S SPEED® products are created from caffeine extracted from coffee beans and sourced in Germany. Our caffeine is tested to ensure purity and then measured as accurately as possible for consistency of dose.