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The Power’s Out: GOD’S SPEED Caffeine for your Emergency Kit

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El Nino Storm, Winter Blizzard, Earthquake – And You’ve Got Caffeine Withdrawal?

If on the sunniest of days you rely on a morning cup of coffee to get you out the door, now’s the time to consider how you’ll manage the occasional dark day in your future when the winter El Nino deluge or Northeasterly blizzard (the earthquake, tornado, or summer electric-use overload) have taken out the power lines and there's no energy flowing through your coffee maker or you?"

When weather forecasters at National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA’s) Climate Prediction Center issued the U.S. Winter Outlook, Deputy Director Mike Halpert warned that especially severe El Nino conditions are in place and should exert a strong influence over our weather this winter. The center predicts that there is a 95% chance of major El Nino storm activity in Southwest United States through March of 2016. Not surprisingly, first responders are urging everyone in the region – and the country at large – to prepare for emergency conditions.

The El Nino storms of 2005, and those of 1997-1998 both resulted in millions of Californians being without power for extended periods of time. Last year’s El Nino forecast wasn’t nearly as serious as our current one, and yet a storm front that arrived last December left more than 50,000 Los Angeles area residents and more than 100,000 San Francisco residents without electricity. That’s a whole lot of people without power…

Torrential rains in the Southwest are only part of the national winter storm scenario. “While temperature and precipitation impacts associated with El Niño are favored, El Niño is not the only player, Deputy Director Halpert warned – “Cold-air outbreaks and snow storms will likely occur at times this winter.” So there are multiple weather factors converging to challenge our survivability this winter, including ‘the blob’

Storms, floods, and other natural disasters make ‘business as usual’ impossible at best, and often place extraordinary burdens on us – shoveling cars out of snow drifts, mud out of homes, trekking long distances for food and other supplies – or worse. Now, imagine struggling to cope with such hardships while enduring caffeine withdrawal – ouch!

The vast majority of adult Americans are physiologically dependent upon caffeine (the FDA’s estimate is 80%), which means that in the absence of a daily dose, they experience withdrawal symptoms – headaches, sleepiness, irritability, lethargy, constipation, depression, muscle pain, stiffness, and cramping, and inability to concentrate. That’s no state to be in during an emergency.

When there’s no electricity flowing to your coffee maker, or the espresso machine at the corner café, you can still get a boost of energy with GOD’S SPEED PURE, ALPHA, or CALM Caffeine products.

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