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GOD’S SPEED® energy products are manufactured by God’s Lab Inc., a nutraceutical company that’s committed to providing consumers with the safest and highest quality energy products – products that are clean, precise, and effective.

God’s Lab Inc. began when Co-founder and Chief Science Officer, Peggy LaCerra Ph.D., found herself in front of a huge array of energy products in a local convenience store. She noticed that most of the ingredients found in these energy products were unnecessary, undesirable, and potentially harmful. Given her background in neuropsychopharmacology, Peggy realized that the essence of all energy products is simply pure caffeine. In that moment, the idea for GOD’S SPEED® was born.

At God’s Lab Inc., we believe that exaggerated claims and secretive ‘proprietary blends’ – like extraneous ingredients – have no place in our products because they have no place in your body.

Our products start with pure caffeine derived from coffee beans. We measure it as accurately as possible for consistency of dose and encapsulate it in vegetarian capsules using no unnecessary fillers, stearates, dyes or additives.

God’s Lab Inc. Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Peggy La Cerra, Ph.D., is an evolutionary neuroscientist and behavioral neuropsychopharmacologist. She has conducted basic preclinical biomedical research on the role of midbrain dopamine systems in stimulant drug reward and learning, which led her to develop an information-processing model of the human neurocognitive architecture that was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (Sept. 15, 1998) and detailed in a book for Random House, “The Origin of Minds” (Harmony Books, 2002, with Roger Bingham).